Novo Nordisk / CBS Global Case Competition.

Circular for zero

Location: Copenhagen Business School

Concept: Brandvenue collaborated with the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk on a large brand employer campaign. The activities were held at Copenhagen Business School at their annual CBS – Global Case Competition.

The idea was to promote their new environmental strategy called Circular for Zero, and to activate a problem, that Novo Nordisk are facing; “how can Novo Nordisk use circular economy as a driver to reach more patients by 2050 while striving for zero environmental impact?.”

The Circular for Zero environmental strategy is driven by a circular mindset to accomplish Novo Nordisk’ bold ambition of zero environmental impact.

Based on ideas in the Novo Nordisk’ Circular for Zero mindset, it was natural for Brandvenue to implement an environmental focus in the production by only using recycled materials in the branding production. To avoid additional waste, we focused on digital marketing through mail campaigns, Social media initiatives and live polls on several environmental questions.

Some of the branding initiatives we realized was recycled banners, recycled branding surfaces such as re-board walls and recycled coffee cups. Furthermore, recycled acrylic tubes was used, as polls where students could use their recycled coffee cups as votes for the most responsible solution in the global battle of zero environmental impact in the future.

To raise the level of ambition for the zero environmental impact, Novo Nordisk and Brandvenue invited some of the brightest minds in the battle against environmental pollution. The six participants joined the panel debate to identify some of the most urgent issues in the process of achieving zero environmental impact. The debaters were all placed on spinning bikes, that could produce enough energy for this debate.

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