Brandvenue is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and consists of the HQ and 5 local entities in Spain, Morocco, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The HQ in Copenhagen is responsible for all contact to Barcardi Martini including development of Training material, information material, maintenance of “the360” app, coordinating hires of Brand Ambassadors , Promoters and Merchandisers.

The local entities in Spain, Morocco, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo are, together with the regional lead in Copenhagen, responsible for the day- to-day management of the Brand Ambassadors  and the promotors.

The local supports will be supporting the leads in making sure all staff are fully equipped with uniforms, tools, access cards and fully updated on training.

The personal contact to both Brand Ambassadors , Promoters, Agencies and local customers is crucial in order to keep a high level of quality.


Through the wide network of Brandvenue and our partners, we are currently represented in more than 87 locations around the world.

Brandvenue can activate both Brand Ambassadors and promoters in top 100 airports.

The WoW depends on the customer setup in the airports and the restrictions given by the airport:

  •  Customer own staff
  •  Preferred local agency
  •  Etc.,

No matter what restrictions that apply for the different airport, the WoW for Brandvenue and the client remains the same.

Brandvenue will coordinate all activities and reports, and submit ONE feedback to the client.

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