Brandvenue coordinates all activities by using own employees, local Agencies, customer employees or agencies recommended by customers.

Once the client and the customers have agreed on the activation program, Brandvenue will coordinate the activities with customers, agencies and local destinations.

Brandvenue will coordinate schedules, training, uniforms, feedback, reports, sampling etc.

We free up resources so you can concentrate your strength on your core business


A week in the life of a
Brandvenue Local support

  •  Personal contact with all the employees in the region.
  •  Creating working schedules for employees
  •  Approval of working schedules with the shop and with the client.
  •  Organize paperwork needed from employees to issue airport badges.
  •  Providing uniforms/iPads.
  •  Continuous research on local regulation of employment, vacations, contracts, etc.
  •  Reports and feedback.
  •  Local management.
  •  Gathering information from employees.
  •  Local support on training.
  •  Mystery shopper activities.
  •  On site evaluation on performance.
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