All Stakeholders are able to share all information on the platform and use the360 as a communication tool. All information about brand, change in promotion, new focus, GWP, training material etc, will be shared througt the360 app.

All information will be uploaded to the ”knowledge base” and the Brand Ambassadors will be informed through messages from the360.

All Brand Ambassadors will be notified about new uploads, at the same time ensuring instant implementation of any changes.

The client, On-site staff and Brandvenue all have acces to the360 app 24/7.

The 360management APP

By using “the360” management app, information will be accessible twenty-four-seven – for both the client, Brandvenue, Brand Ambassadors and Promoters. “The360” management app are able to cover the need for information requested by the client.

The management app can only be accessed with a correct username and password. Moreover, to secure data, due the European data law and for confidentiality, all information will be saved at a secured server.

”The360” management app is comparable to “ELOOMI” and “ETHOSFARM”


  •  Upload brand information files
  • Training videos
  • Training tests
  •  Schedules
  •  Information about upcoming events
  •  Traceable to-do-lists

”The360” APP is available both offline and online and can be used on all devices providing information about:

  •  Performance
  •  Promotion material
  •  Presence at sight
  •  Consigned tool
  •  Consumer surveys
  •  Image upload
  •  Sales reports
  •  To-do lists
  •  Competitor activities
  •  Temporary tasks
  •  Out of stock reports
  •  Price-tracking
  •  On-site evaluations
  •  POSM-reports
  •  Finance Tracker
  •  Location tracker
  •  Status tracker
  •  Incentive tracker
  •  Uniform updates
  •  Job description
  •  Handbook
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