COOP – GrillXpress



Location:   Kvickly & SuperBrugsen supermarkets all over Denmark

Concept: GrillXpress is a roadshow-activation that has been going successfully for 3 years in a row. It’s run by Brandvenue in collaboration with COOP and their chosen SuperBrugsen and Kvickley supermarkets all over the country.

We drive out to the supermarkets with a full setup, including chairs, tables, fence, grass, grill and personnel and place it in front of the supermarket or at their parking lot. Here the supermarkets butcher come out and grills and prepares the food including sausages, different kinds of meat and other delicatessen.

We visited a total of 96 supermarkets across the country from all Thursdays to Sunday from May till August. During these events, between 150 and 200 people come and enjoy the experience.

Through-out the years, GrillXpress has become a strong brand in of itself and has gained popularity among COOP costumers.

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