Tuborg – J-dag 2014

Tuborg – J-dag

Client:   Carlsberg

Participants:   400 personnel + the rest of Denmark

Location:   Bars and Nightclubs all over Denmark

Concept:  Tuborg Christmas Beer get launched on the traditional “J-Dag” (First Friday of November). On this day, Bars, Clubs are visited by Christmas elves who bring joy, happiness and a lot of beer.

Ever since we were founded in 2006, Brandvenue has been responsible for running, planning and coordinating J-Dag. 50 trucks with happy personnel drive around Denmark, spread joy and celebrate the launch of the beer. Tuborg visits over 400 bars and clubs every year with festive songs and Christmas joy. 2014 was no exception.

Tubrog visited 424 bars and clubs in total, AND we had 25 special events at certain clubs centered around J-Dag. The evening was wrapped up with a huge afterpart for all personnel, as thanks for their great service.