Grimbergen – Kulturnatten

Grimbergen – Kulturnatten

Client: Carlsberg Breweries / Grimbergen

Participants: 5.000

Location:  Nikolaj Kunsthal

Koncept: For the 3rd year in a row, Grimbergen held their beer tasting event at Sct. Nikolaj Kunsthal, which provided the perfect atmosphere for the evening.

Grimergen is a Belgian beer, from the city Grimbergen. Grimbergen has a history dating back to medieval times, 1128. The beer was, and still is today, brewed by monks, which is why we chose Sct. Nikolaj Kunsthal for this event.

The occasion was, like the years prior, Copenhagen’s “Kulturnatten” – Where people from all kinds of segments can enjoy all kinds of cultural experiences. That in turn gave Grimbergen an opportunity to reach out to as many people as possible, giving the beer more exposure to a wider range of people.

Three hosts stood behind the bar and served Grimbergen beer including Blond, Double Ambrée and Blanche. During the night the hosts would go and take pictures with polaroid cameras, which they would give to the participants as a memory of their experience with Grimbergen.