The Sales Specialist employed by Brandvenue Global Travel Retail will receive a profound training and introduction to the brand history, identity, target group, products and benefits. Furthermore Brandvenue have developed an intensive training program for consumer engagement, in which the Sales Specialists will learn how to interact with the consumers in order to sell more and at the same time give the consumers a good experience.

In order to secure a high level of quality in the performance on the floor, the Sales Specialist will receive frequent training and evaluation in terms of mystery shopper program and online tests. Furthermore Brandvenue works closely together with the retailer in order to secure all sales specialists lives up to the expectations with regards to both apparel and approach to the consumers.

1. WebEx Training

As a part of the introduction plan, the Sales Specialist will participate in a WebEx training, introducing the employe to both the brand and the consumer engagement. After the web-ex training the Sales Specialist will receive an online test. The result of the online test will be used to tailor the second web-ex training in order to meet the needs of the Sales Specialists

2. iPad training

Brandvenue have equipped all Sales Specialsts with an Ipad and a reporting App. The Sales Specialist will, as a part of the introduction program, receive training on how to use the reporting-app, and mostly important what kind of feedback and reports that are usefull and necessary for the brand. The Ipad will also include the latest updates from the brands and next months focus as requested by the brand

3. TOJ – Training On Job

Once a year the Sales Specialst will receive a “Training on the Job”. A HR-specialist form Brandvenue will be on-site to go through an intensive brand- and sales training. The Training on the Job is estimated to take minimum 2 days. One day of training, and one day of onsite evaluation and sparring

4. Online Follow Up

As a part of the development program the Sales Specialists will receive online follow up tests , to be sure that the Sales Specialists are fully informed on all changes and updated related to the brand. Brandvenue is in weekly contact with the Sales specialists either via phone, what’s app or Google hangouts. Once a month a group call via google hangout will be conducted. The group will consist of Sales Specialist for the same brand in same airport, country or region.

5. Mystery Shopping

Brandvenue has it own team of Mystery shoppers, who will be visiting the airports on a frequent basis or upon request from the brand owner. The mystery shopper will create a report based on a template created together with the brand owner. All Mystery shopper reports will be shared with the brand owner

6. Training Tests

Brandvenue will conduct training tests every 6 months, to evaluate the knowledge of the Sales Specialists. Based on the result of the training test an updated online training will be created.